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Airline Career Training is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Commercial Airline, Flight & Aircraft Dispatcher School located in Monterey California. Choose the training class from our school that fits your schedule.

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The ADX certification never expires and there is no medical requirement.

Our certified school is one of the most respected Aircraft Dispatcher schools in the country. ACT training is FAA approved under 14CFR Part 65. While being recognized by the Airline Dispatchers Federation in Washington DC, we are committed to excellence in airline, flight & aircraft dispatcher instruction, focused on safety, economy and on time scheduling.

Our new approved online aircraft dispatcher course training is independent study and can be conducted at your own pace while offering you the ability to save money in three ways: 1) reduction in tuition; 2) reduction in time away from your current job; and 3) a reduction in housing expense. This online training is built to take students through the basics of aviation all the way up through more complex concepts in regulations, aerodynamics, airspace, navigation, Air Traffic Control, IFR Flights, meteorology, weather reports, weather forecasts, performance data, and weight and balance. Once you have completed the online portion of the course you will come to our classroom to receive instruction cross-referencing the Aircraft Dispatcher Practical Test Standards (PTS). Instruction will include flight planning along with General Operating Manual (GOM) units in Aerodynamics, Limitations, ATC, DRM, RVSM, minimum fuel, contingency fuel, ETOPS and more weather, all with an emphasis on SAFETY. You will be very familiar with the GOM, FARs and PTS manuals as you prepare for your FAA Oral Practical Exam with a Dedicated Aircraft Dispatch Examiner (DADE). This approved course is certified using the Boeing 737-300 for flight planning purposes.

Please note that this approved online training course will also help prepare you for your FAA Private Pilot Written Knowledge exam if you have intentions of obtaining that certificate.

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ACT aims at "simplifying airline education" to help the aeronautical world safely ensure its destination.

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